Trying to manipulate cronjobs using php

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Good day,

Im trying to create a script to add, remove and list cronjobs inside the servers using php. Whenever I run the command like this php cronjobs.php the output is correct , but if i call it from inside the website, it gives back an empty result!

Heres my code for cronjobs.php:

$output = shell_exec('~/');
echo "$output";

And here is my code for

crontab -l > cronjobs.log

Any ideas???


Solution :

Im trying to create a script to add, remove and list cronjobs

There are security implications to what you are asking.

You are essentially allowing a user to run programs as anyone (even as root) on your server from a web interface via php.

You can do it

You could look into using sudo (see man sudo and /etc/sudoers) to enable apache to execute crontab as root. Just be really careful.

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