Ubuntu Server lm-sensors sensors detect showing 100 every time no devices

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I have a VMWare ESXI with a Ubuntu Server and recently been having some suspected overheating problems and I would like to check the sensors.
I have run sensors-detect and output of sensors gives nothing useful.

The server has Intel i7 QuadCore 3.5ghz.
Do I need to install any drivers on the Guest (Ubuntu)
Will these drivers cause any problems?
Will I need to restart the host?

sensors output:

enter image description here

IN the VMWARE here are my sensors:

Vmware VCenter Health Status

Solution :

You will not get proper hardware readings inside the Virtual Machine.

As long as the vendor specific hardware VIBs are installed on the ESXi server you should be able to see the current temperature status directly under ‘Hardware status’. You can also define an alert directly on the ESXi or in VCenter.

enter image description here

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