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Unwanted pornographic spam [closed] – Despite Gmail excellence, there can be problems in accessing the service. You may not be able to clear out storage space, share files, or are unable to access a document. Thankfully, many Gmail problems are easy to fix. With Gmail, specifically, whether you’re storing and managing your documents, there’s a decent chance you’ll run into some manner of murkiness along the way. We’re going to offer some typical Gmail troubleshooting tips, then solve some specific Gmail problems, like Unwanted pornographic spam [closed], and how to fix it.

I have been inundated with unsolicited sexual spam in my Junk Mail. It started a few weeks ago. I have tried to “unsubscribe” but most of it doesn’t have a way to do that or the unsubscribe email bounces back as undeliverable.

The only thing that I can possibly link it to is a retaliation for writing negative reviews about a slots game I play. The reason I think this is that there are “Casino” spam emails interspersed with the sexually explicit ones.

I have never opened any of the spam emails. I am deleting them constantly. Unfortunately, at times, it isn’t unusual to get 10 in an hour.

I am hopeful you can assist me with this problem.

Answer :

your options are as follows:

  • by selecting email you can mute it or label it as spam

  • by opening the email you can further block it or report it

  • if you are heavily targeted you can send feedback to Gmail support

  • also, if those emails are already in your spam folder you can ignore it – it gets auto-deleted after 30 days

note that it’s unwise to unsubscribe from spam emails

Supplement to the helpful answer from MARK:

You can define a filter that puts all incoming messages containing certain common spam words directly into a homemade spam folder (label), skipping the inbox.

Then if you find out you didn’t get an important message from someone, you could force yourself to take a look in that folder to see if it inadvertently landed there. Otherwise, you could happily ignore that folder forever.

Also: have you changed your password? That might help, if the other person has figured out your password and is simply logging into your account.

Generally, unsubscribing doesn’t work and makes the situation worse because you are telling the spammer that the email address is active, and if unsubscribing sends you to a website, they could be getting more personal information, and your location (through IP address).

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