Wake On Lan server for a local network – looking for software [closed]

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I’m looking for a tool that let me register computers on a network (probably taking them from an LDAP database, that would be gorgeus), and then by using a web interface, wake them by sending a WOL magic packet.

Only FOSS software, please

This doesn’t seem a very complicated software to do, so I can’t believe I can’t find anything out there. Maybe I’m not looking in the correct places?

Solution :

There is a good Ubuntu wakeonlan package (I’m sure it will be available for other distros). I don’t imagine it being too complicated to create a web frontend for this.

Also, most Draytek routers have this functionality built in. They maintain a database of IP/MAC pairs and allow you to send out WoL packets with a web GUI.

datagramm and charlesbridge are correct. I’ve had no problem using pfSense and Draytek modems as well.

It’s worth noting WoL uses broadcast packets – if you are not local to the machines and trying to access via internet you will not have any joy and normally VPN’s do not normally transmit broadcasts either.

It is possible to sent broadcasts over VPN but my preference was to use the main router on each site to wake up it’s local computers.

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