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Web Server Setup – Managing your servers can streamline the performance of your team by allowing them to complete complex tasks faster. Plus, it can enable them to detect problems early on before they get out of hand and compromise your business. As a result, the risk of experiencing operational setbacks is drastically lower.

But the only way to make the most of your server management is to perform it correctly. And to help you do so, this article will share nine tips on improving your server management and fix some problem about apache-2.2, mysql, php, web-server, .

In my workplace, we want to implement your own web server for at leat 100 Apache/PHP/MySQL web pages.

My boss is opposed to hiring skilled personnel, he think we can do ourselves.

Currently, we are working with hostgator reseller account.

I chose CentOS as the operating system, but I don’t know the best hardware solution.

HP, Dell ? What about the setup on these platforms?


PS: sorry for my bad english

Edit: The purpose of this migration isn’t related to performance issues. But independence.

Solution :

Your really going to have to look at your requirements, are you planning on having your DBs separate from your web servers or will this be very thrifty and your throwing everything on one machine? I’d side with wolfgangsz on this one. This could turn into a headache if you don’t have your requirements ironed out well..

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