Windows 2012 Server, DNS resolve host for client

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I’ve been looking for way to resolve host name for client on Windows Server 2012, just like if I added it to hosts file of the client workstations running Windows 7/8.

In hosts file I would add following entries as example:

So client computers could connect to the address with the URL instead of IP, the machine on the other end of the address is server with Debian installed on it, running other services in which I would like to connect to with local connection.

Solution :

Why don’t you just install a DNS server or use an existing one in your environment?

You can put the host entries into %SystemRoot%System32driversetchosts, for example C:WindowsSystem32driversetchosts. This file serves the same purpose and has the same format as /etc/hosts in Linux, so it will allow network clients on that host to resolve those hostnames to their IP addresses.

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