Windows Pagefile monitoring with Nagios

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I have a NAGIOS check that monitors virtual memory on a windows machine, this check returns all the virtual memory used (physical+ max size of the pagefile).

This is not what I want, I have tried to search for some checks that only monitor the pagefile usage on a windows machine but I didn’t find anything intersting.

Are you aware of any SNMP check that monitor if the pagefile is used or not by windows?

Solution :


You can access WMI parameters directly with WMI client installed on Linux machine:

Compile and install wmi-client package manually or use compiled packages from it seem to work with newer versions of Ubuntu as well (14.04 64bit).

Here is an example of wmic usage from command line:

wmic -Uuser%pass // "SELECT FileSize FROM Win32_PageFile WHERE Path=c:"

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