Windows script to detect if Apache is not working and then restart

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For development purposes, I’m running an Apache server on my windows machine. Its very non-critical, but sometimes I’ll be running processes that take a long time and Apache will stop server requests. Restarting the Apache service works just fine when this happens.

Is there a script out there somewhere that can detect if Apache is failing to load pages and then restart the service if it is?

It would probably look something like this:

LOAD localhost/index.php

Solution :

You can do it externally with WGet.exe and the scheduler service:

wget -o:foo http://localhost/page_of_interest.php || powershell.exe restart-service apache

Not sure which OS you’re using, so YMMV with this task scheduler config:

Assume your batch script is called c:binfilesca.cmd, type this at the command line:

schtasks.exe /create /u administrator /p password /sc minute /mo 2 /tn "Check Apache every 2 minutes" /tr c:binfilesca.cmd

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