Windows Server 2008 64bit boot problems after power outage

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We had a power outage over the weekend due to some storms. All servers went down, and eventually came back up fine. All accept for one. Tried rebooting it, but took hours to apply computer settings and network settings before getting to the CTL ALT DEL screen.

Did login, but that as well took about 2 hours to finally reach the desktop. Digging around, 80% of services didn’t start, cannot get to network properties, WSUS, any applications, cannot remote to it, etc

Dug around through event viewer but didn’t find anything that would be of assistance to what is going on.

Yesterday, I was able to boot up into safe mode fine and quickly. Checked around then, but didn’t find anything. Rebooted again and same results getting into windows normally.

I am looking for any suggestions.. Thank you. In the meantime, I am going to bounce it again and go into safe mode and see if I can run windows updates from safe mode.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions. This is my backup server so I need to get my backups running again…

Solution :

The first step is to assess for possible file system damage, especially since you are experiencing boot difficulties – chkdsk…

It’s probably a misbehaving service. Boot into safe mode. Run msconfig. Disable all non-microsoft services and startup items. Reboot normally. If it comes up fine, start enabling needed services one by one until you find the culprit. If it doesn’t come up fine, you may have to repair your OS or certain roles. What roles are installed on this server? What 3rd part apps?

Normal behavior. Under certain circumstances after an outage the first start is SLOW, because of checking operations / resync or RAID going on – and because of nor domain controller being available.

since it came up fine under safe boot, I’d think the problem is network related as in the nic or the port on the switch is failing/failed!

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