Windows server 2008 R2 error :The page file is to small to complete the action

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I have a windows server 2008 R2 standard edition. The system suddenly stopped accepting remote desktop connections. When I tried to connect directly to the console, I am unable to start any applications. I got errors “The page file is to small to complete the action”. Under takmanager in performance the system shows “Commit(GB) 127/127”. What does this imply?

The system has 32 GB ram, 5 raid disks each 150 Gb

Solution :

It doesn’t imply anything – it’s telling you that the page file is too small for the current usage of the system. How is the pagefile configured? And what are you running? FYI – A tool like Process Explorer from Sysinternals is even better than Task Manager for stuff like this.

OK – if you can’t do anything from the console, and can’t run any management tools remotely from another machine, reboot your server and then post what the pagefile settings are.

Update: In task manager insert all the memory counters in the process tab. Also look in the resource monitor(opened from the performance tab). Also use process explorer. There is something eating your page file. Maybe some process is using page file to store information ( like process monitor does). Close processes that are not needed.

Before update: Some process is probably leaking memory badly. In the process tab of task manager add the “memory- commit size” and check which process is the offender.

I have rebooted the server. I found that the problem is being caused by fdhost.exe service (Full text search). Maximum memory limit was not set on my sql server so it claims all the available RAM and fdhost.exe service then starts paging. After reboot within 20 minutes the page file grew to 127 GB again. I have configured the maximum page file size to 48 GB recommend by MS(1.5 times of RAM), then configured the maximum memory setting on SQL server.

I have also installed this hotfix for Windows Server 2008 R2;EN-US;981314

This fixed the problem. This is the article that says about full text search and its paging problems

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