winexe gives error “ERROR: Failed to install service winexesvc – NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED”

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I’m trying to do a remote execution on a windows host from Linux with winexe.
I get the error:
ERROR: Failed to install service winexesvc – NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED

The authenticated user should have administrator rights.

What exactly does this error mean and how can I get remote execution working?

Solution :

The error means that the user does not have sufficient rights on the target machine. “Something” went wrong with the administrator rights for that user… Is it a Domain setup or standalone? Could you paste the winexe command line you are using (without password and/or public IP)?


More info here:

Implement the LocalAccountTokenFilterPolicy registry key, as described in the KB article, and that should resolve your issue. Or you can turn off UAC, but that’s not recommended.

This fixed the error I encountered with winexe when we upgraded from Windows XP (worked) to Windows 7 (did not work):–ftopict25338.html

They mention Windows Vista specifically, but it works equally well for Windows 7.

The problem in my case was the service winexesvc was not started. By default it’s been configured to start manually hence after reboot we need to start it manually or change the service properties to start it automatically.

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