ZFS pool is empty after crash

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I’m on Linux 3.6.11 with ZFS on Linux 0.6.0rc11.

I have a large ZFS pool with three subpools:


The machine rebooted last night, for no obvious reason. After I was paged and got a shell it was already back up.

I ran zfs mount -a to remount the pools. zpool1/log_backups has data in it, but zpool1/graphite and zpool1/backups are completely empty, and df reports that there’s no space in use on those partition.

Unfortunately I didn’t have snapshots set up, so that’s a no go. I’ve tried exporting and reimporting, but no change.

What other things could I try? And what data recovery options exist for ZFS? I have seen a few scripts around that dig through fs data structures, but they’re all a bit more unpolished and potentially destructive than I’d like at this point.

Solution :

Hopefully zpool status has something to say. Try running zpool import (without arguments) to list out what pools ZFS found that you can likely re-import.

The file that describes what pools exist on the system should be “/etc/zfs/zpool.cache”. If that’s corrupted, it would explain why the pools aren’t automatically importing.

You can also try the old zpool import <pool name> and see if that helps you out.

That’s an older release of ZFS on Linux. I’d hate for that to happen to anyone. Did you post to the mailing list?

I would try to understand the nature of the crash, as that’s not normal. What type of hardware (server, controller) did you have, and what was your pool setup?

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